Monday, February 25, 2019

Counting Our Blessings Linkup!

We are still waiting for the snow to melt that came down on us last week. I haven't seen a snowstorm like this for 30 years here. In fact, this was much worse than the one in 1988. We have a little over 2 feet of snow here!

This is just the beginning of all the snow. We had snow on Thursday, it stopped, and then we got even more on Friday.

Gorgeous beauty out my front door.

It has been so cold, that it just hasn't really melted. I looked out my backdoor last evening to see this gorgeous sunset. You can see we still have a lot of snow.

My son had to go to work on Saturday because they closed down on Thursday and Friday. Lots of businesses did that, in fact, there were very few things open. On Saturday, we couldn't even get our truck to move so he had to hike out to the main road and have a friend pick him up. He did the same on Monday!

This is very unusual for my area but there were so many blessings attached to this. First, the beauty of the really is gorgeous. We needed the moisture here so our trees and other plants will be so happy come Spring. The other blessing is that we had gone grocery shopping on Tuesday so we didn't have to worry that we would be out of anything. We have made it through just fine, stayed warm and cozy and that was a huge blessing!

I worked a little on my cross stitch Desert Santa. To remind you, this is the kit

Here's and update on the stitching I did

You can finally see the little donkey. I did a mistake that I realized last night. I used the wrong thread for the medium brown. 😞 I did ALL the stitches before realizing it, too! I sat there and thought about pulling all those stitched out, but I knew that it would be risky since I'm working on perforated paper. So, I decided just to go with it and make an adjustment on the dark brown thread. I have only done a little bit of the adjusted color but, so far, I'm okay with it and I don't think it's going to be a huge deal or that anyone will be able to tell, but me, of course. This would have driven me to distraction before but now I can let these little mistakes go and just try and fix it in other ways. That, my friends, is a blessing!

How was your week? Is it warm or cold where you are? I hope no matter what the weather that you had a week full of blessings! Please share on the linky below...

Blessings - Julie

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  1. It seems it is very cold everywhere! We had 50 mph winds the other day. It is 9 degrees right now with more snow on the way.


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