Sunday, June 25, 2017

Book Review - Can I Just Hide In Bed 'Til Jesus Comes Back?


Depression, fear, a sense of unworthiness, and unfulfilled dreams can make women retreat to their beds—figuratively and literally—and refuse to face life. Yet most of the time, hiding in bed makes matters worse. Who needs emotional bedsores? Authors Martha Bolton and Christin Ditchfield gently show women how to climb out from under their emotional bedcovers, face their fears and doubts, and step into the lives God has planned for them.

Can I Just Hide in Bed ’til Jesus Comes Back? faces down the fear, depression, and unfulfilled dreams that cripple many women to the point of wanting to crawl in bed—for the rest of their lives. Compiled as a collection of short, mostly humorous and warmhearted stories, it offers readers practical, concrete steps to help them move forward when they are ready. Essays are interspersed with special humor features such as “Top Ten” lists, while “Whenever You’re Ready” sections offer Scriptures, journaling questions, and practical suggestions for “putting your feet on the floor” and “taking a few steps forward.” The book addresses four themes:

Facing feelings of fear, anxiety, discouragement, and depression
Facing people and relationship issues
Facing the pain of grief and loss
Facing life—and getting yours back


Martha Bolton is a longtiCan I Just Hide in Bed 'til Jesus Comes Back? | book spotlightme comedy writer who has written for such performers as Bob Hope, Phyllis Diller, Mark Lowry, and Chonda Pierce. A speaker and author of more than eight-eight books of inspiration and humor for all ages, Martha has been nominated for an Emmy, a Writers Guild of America Award, and a Dove Award. This playwright and novelist has also written for singers, politicians, and professional speakers. Learn more at

Christin Ditchfield is an author, conference speaker, and internationally syndicated radio host, passionate about calling women to a deeper life — the kind of life that’s found in a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. For over twenty-five years, Christin has been encouraging those who love Jesus, and teaching them to walk with Him on a daily basis, so that they can experience a richer, deeper, more meaningful relationship with Him. She is author of seventy books, including What Women Should Know About Letting it Go. She blogs at


If you're like me, I'm sure you have days you just want to hide in bed and wait for Jesus to come back! Life is hard and some days it's hard to face what may come next. This book helps us to do just that - face life again.

This is an extremely easy book to read and there are very short chapters but each chapter is packed with great information and encouragement. What I love is the humor these authors include throughout the book. They take the topic seriously yet they also let us see the humor in letting life make us want to hide under the covers. There are lots of Top Ten lists that are fantastically profound and give courage. One of my absolute favorites, though, was the list for those that are bedridden. When someone is sick or hurting and really can't move from the bed, this list is really wonderful for ministering in a real way to that person.

This book really does help to fight those fears that keep us paralyzed. It's grounded in Biblical principals yet the humor helps you to not take yourself so seriously. It gives the tools to move forward, look realistically at what is really making you feel anxious so you can live the abundant life that God has for you.

I really enjoyed this book and also got a lot out of it. It was a fun book to read yet profoundly life changing for those of us who live with fear and anxiety. I highly recommend this book and give it 5 out of 5 stars.

*This book was provided to me for my honest review by Tyndale House Publishers

Blessings - Julie

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